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Hammerton Studio found Firetoss from a good ol’ fashioned Google search. They identified with the work we had produced and needed their website to shine a light on the custom masterpieces they had to offer. Besides needing to be visually dazzling, the Hammerton Studio website also need to showcase their wide range of products with skews of customizable features.

Hammerton Website Screenshot
Hammerton Mobile Website

Our Approach

Hammerton Studio had two major goals for their website redesign, increase sales and represent their work in the way it deserves. Being careful of the structure already set in place, Firetoss went to work on improving the current website strategy and building out a beautiful user experience.

Hammerton Tablet Website

We began with the visual approach. If we wanted customers to take the time to discover the customized options they had, we would need to blow them away the second they landed on the website. Our focus was on their product collections and laying them out in a way that was easy to view and instantly captivating. After showing off we wanted it to be easy for users to select a product and start seeing their options of customization.

Hammerton Desktop Website
Person using Hammerton mobile website


Hammerton Studio understood the value of having a website that looks great and allowed us the time and attention to take them the extra mile. Our team was in contact with them frequently making sure the design and functionality of the site delivered the results they needed. They now have a website that is easy to use and stunning to look at. We are honored to help represent their work and look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Hammerton website on a laptop