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Tony Passey

CEO and Founder of Firetoss
Tony has been at the helm of the Starship Firetoss since 2010. He is also a Professor of Digital Marketing at the University of Utah. He teaches both undergrad and graduate courses on various aspects of digital marketing. Tony has a passion for growing ideas and building teams. Tony also hosts a podcast called Searchologist that teaches fundamental skills of search engine marketing, email marketing, display advertising and social advertising.

the bitmoji of Toby Eborn who is part of the Firetoss marketing leadership team

Toby Eborn

SVP Business Development and Strategy
Toby is an accomplished speaker and teacher and has conducted various educational series, teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. He has worked with hundreds of different brands to develop marketing and growth strategies. He is an expert in business analytics and spends a lot of time analyzing competitive business opportunities for his clients. Toby is a master chef and a level 10 conversationalist. He can talk to anyone about literally anything.

the bitmoji of Evan Ehat who is part of the Firetoss marketing leadership team

Evan Ehat

VP Development
Evan has a unique blended skill set in code, design, photography, video production and editing. He has the ability to conceptualize a project and actually build out most of the parts to accomplish a goal. Evan has a lot of experience working with online stores, web projects and building start-ups. Evan started his career in tech in the 90s and still uses his original Windows 3.1 laptop to build every project he does. Ok, not really, you probably aren’t even old enough to know what Window 3.1 is…

the bitmoji of Kirk Madsen who is part of the Firetoss marketing leadership team

Kirk Madsen

Executive Creative Director
Kirk is a gifted artist with a deep background in developing branding for various types of businesses. Kirk has taken numerous pre-revenue companies through the branding and building process and set them in motion to create successful ventures. Kirk is also a trained illustrator and has skills in several mediums. Kirk is a lover not a fighter. He spins a lot of U2 and REM while designing the world to be a better place.

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