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Marketing Master Class

Learn SEO, PPC, email marketing, content, social media, display ads and more. We will work through a broad range of topics during this series. We take requests from time to time as well.

Learn about website design. How you design your site represents who you are and what your brand means online. It takes a fair amount of research and planning before you ever place the first pixel.

Some marketing works and some won't. The only way to know which of your effort is paying off is to track your campaigns. For some people metrics are intimidating but we can help simplify things. We will go through this full process to learn how the pros do it in this Marketing Master Class.

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Master Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesdays at 3 pm MST and Thursdays at 10 am MST
Each master class is taught by an expert in the field being discussed that day. We CAN guarantee that you will be entertained by whomever teaches the course.

Throughout the series we will switch teachers to make sure we are hearing from experts that work every day in the topic they are talking about.

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We're Open To Everyone

This master class series is open to business owners, marketers and managers regardless of the size of business are where you are at in the learning process.

We expect to learn and grow together as we talk about marketing topics during this series.

If you have special requests for topics please feel free to reach out to use via email or through our website:

Email: [email protected]

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6/1 - Search Engine Optimization I - Tools, Evaluate my site and my competitors, determine what needs to be improved, Review tools for researching
6/3 - Search Engine Optimization II - On-Page Optimizations, Title Tags, Meta Data, Content, Headers (H1, H2, H3), Image Optimization
6/8 - Search Engine Optimization III - Off-Page Tactics, Reputation, Links (backlinks), Content Strategies
6/10 - Search Engine Optimization IV - Analytics for SEO, What is available? Search Console, Analytics (channels),
6/15 - Search Engine Optimization V - Setting Goals and Achieving them, Evaluate, Research, Tracking
6/17 - Email Marketing I - Warm, Nurture, Spam, Rules for Sending Email
6/22 - Email Marketing II - Email Design, Understanding What We Hate
6/24 - Email Marketing III - Choosing the Right Email Tool


8/3 - Google Ads I - Search Ads - Setting up a campaign, Avoid Getting Screwed
8/5 - Google Ads II - Search Ads - Creating Your First Dynamic Search Ad
8/10 - Google Ads III - Search Ads - Building a Keyword List, Using Keyword Planner
8/12 - Google Ads IV - Search Ads - Optimizing a Campaign
8/17 - Google Ads V - Search Ads - Tracking and Reporting + Analytics
8/19 - Retargeting - Adroll vs. Perfect Audience Vs Google Ads Vs
8/24 - Google Ads VI - Display Ads - Setting up a campaign
8/26 - Google Ads VII - Display Ads - Building Ad Creative

Future Topics

Conversion Rate Optimization
Paid Search
Organic Search
Analytics and Tracking
Social Media Advertising
Web Design Strategy
E-Commerce Strategy and Execution

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