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Uintah Precision came to us with a product idea and a dream. They had a business plan to provide gun users with an accessory to increase accuracy and needed our help building out their digital storefront.

Their challenge to us was to help build their digital look and feel without an established marketing strategy or physical asset. Not only were we starting from scratch, but we also had to become experts on the regulations and policies surrounding the industry. Setting this new business up for success meant more to us than just delivering a website, we wanted to make sure things were done right.

Uintah Precision also faced the challenge of being a new name in a market of consumer elitism. Many gun enthusiasts have strong opinions about certain brands or products so we needed to make sure they could compete with existing brands and reputations.

Uintah Precision Website
Uintah Precision Mobile Website

Our Approach

We began our brand building with a website. Beautifully designed and simple to use, Uintah Precision now had a platform to sell on. Immediately following the creation of the website our team began working on a marketing strategy that would help establish their reputation and get them ranking for essential keywords. We also provided photography, brochures, and ongoing website optimization to help support their massive growth.

Uintah Precision Tablet Website

A year after Uintah Precision’s business launch, they released a second product, the AR-15 bolt action upper assembly. Our SEO team performed keyword research, looked at competitors, and wrote optimized content for the product page and adjusted home page content to include AR-15. Within a month we were ranking #1 for AR-15 bolt action upper assembly beating out industry leaders.



AR10 Bolt Action
AR15 Bolt Action
Bolt Action AR Upper

Organic Traffic

Increase from 2017 to 2018

Organic Revenue

Increase from 2017 to 2018
unitah machine website on a laptop
Uintah Precision Mobile Website


Working on this project challenged our team to go above and beyond our traditional timeline and processes. We buckled down and were able to build a website and provide SEO, seeing huge results in a matter of months. New businesses like Uintah Precision are a chance for our team to partner with a client to help bring their brand to life. So bring us your business plans, your products, and dreams. We can do the rest.

Uintah Precision Desktop Website on a Laptop