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Uintah Machine: Just One Example of a Great Business Website


Who is Uintah Machine?

Uintah Machine is one of the nation’s top mining and manufacturing companies based in Duchesne, Utah. They specialize in industrial machining, fabrication, welding, and design services for a variety of industrial-type clients. Their main focus above all else is on their quality and service. Priding themselves on expertise, Uintah Machine loves the challenging projects customers bring to them. They are always committed to standing behind their work while going the extra mile for each of their clients.

First Steps for a New Business Website: Walk Before You Run

Uintah Machine approached Firetoss wanting a full website design refresh. It was immediately clear that the custom machining and manufacturing industry was very niche, and the new website should reflect that Uintah Machine understands that each customer needs an individual approach. Uintah needed a website that would act as a universal storefront while conveying value to each unique customer. Ultimately, Firetoss needed to demonstrate Uintah’s expertise to future clients through the success of their past projects. Additionally, Uintah needed to inform their clients about what makes them different and the limitless services they offer. This meant developing high-quality content easily found by experts searching for niche industry terms.

Firetoss’s challenge was to accomplish those endeavors. We needed to develop a site that was intuitive yet sleek and modern. It was important to write deliberate content that would offer real value to users in a way that made it easy for them to engage while also optimizing the site’s UX, bringing potential customers closer to a conversion at every click.

A major focal point for the design team was developing a cohesive brand identity across the site. Implementing the right imagery, color scheme, and typography resulted in a refreshing site aesthetic and intuitive user-flow. After the immediate site launch, the SEO team focused on getting the brand known among industrial companies by providing comprehensive keyword research and looking into competitor audits. After all the research, informative content became the key to this site. The right keywords inform customers about Uintah’s values, expertise, and services. After hard work and long hours, the site came together and immediately on launch, provided the right value to Uintah and their customers. We knew that our team had developed a great business website that we could show to future clients as an example of our expertise and knowledge.

Moving Forward

Working with Uintah Machine challenged our team to get our of our comfort zone and develop a site that was different from any we have ever developed. A niche industry like Uintah Machine required our web development and SEO teams to stray away from traditional development tactics. We knew this wasn’t just another e-commerce or service-based site. This required special insight into the Uintah’s target market. Adapting the user interface, content, and keywords were the only way we knew conversions were possible. This project uncovered new possibilities for our team and got us excited for future client endeavors. If you’re ready to optimize your business’ website- bring us your brand, goals, and dreams. Firetoss will handle the rest.  

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