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Page Speed Ranking Factor


If your business generates revenue from organic traffic, and you have not planned for Google’s Page Experience Update in 2021, you need to read this. Website speed has always mattered for SEO, but with Google giving everyone months of advance notice for an upcoming ranking update, it is time to pay attention. Close attention.

How do I check my website page speed?

Start with Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool and enter your website URL.

Here’s what came up for our favorite soccer team, Real Salt Lake.


rsl google page speed insights

If you think a score of 5 is bad news, you’d be right. (And if you noticed RSL scored a 4 in the video, you get a gold star for being observant.) If you scored below 10, now is a good time to pause and contact us. We are your 911 call for all things digital marketing.

The Page Insights score is a weighted metric based on what Google considers its Core Web Vitals and other factors that improve a user’s website experience. That list includes being mobile-friendly, providing safe browsing, HTTPS (SSL certificate), and removing intrusive interstitials like pop-ups, shifting page layout, and certain full-screen ads.

A diagram illustrating the components of Search’s signal for page experience.source: Google

Did you run the Page Speed Insights test and come up a little short? Look on the bright side, a poor score means your site has lots of room for improvement and we are here to break down some of the complexity. Know that you do not need to score 100% to rank well, but Google has been moving toward page speed as a critical ranking metric, so now is not the time to be complacent.

Google believes what the user experiences when they land on your website is significant enough that they commissioned a study from Deloitte, to understand how important page speed is for user experience. The study surveyed a variety of business types including travel, luxury, retail, and lead generation. A whopping 83% of consumers surveyed say the online experience a company provides is as important as its product or service.

If you have been shopping online recently (and who hasn’t), you know first hand that retailers are upping their game from personalization to shopping cart purchase reminders. This improved experience has led to higher expectations among consumers.

“Brands are no longer competing with the best experience in their category, they are competing with the best digital experience a consumer has ever had.”

-Deloitte, Milliseconds Make Millions

If all this seems daunting, it doesn’t have to be. But, successful businesses will have a proven marketing partner to help navigate their best path. 

If you scored well, congratulations, you are ahead of the curve. If you want to know how to address website issues preventing your business from being competitive, we can help. 

We will walk through your score and understand what next-actions steps might look like for your website. We want your business to be ready for Google’s Page Experience Update in 2021.