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Toby Eborn

Toby Eborn

SVP, Business Development

Toby Eborn is the SVP of Business Development at Firetoss. His sales team is tasked with bringing in new clients and maintaining ongoing relationships with existing ones. Toby not only works hard to demonstrate what new clients can expect from working with Firetoss, but he also acts as a firefighter, treating the burns that many clients carry from previous agency experiences. 

A typical day for Toby is spent working with potential new clients. It may sound glamorous, networking and lunches, but in reality, business development is a lot of time on the phone talking to clients about what is preventing them from being successful and helping them find solutions to those problems. Toby has a passion for successful web strategies. He doesn’t throw something at the wall and hopes it sticks, instead he fosters ideas based on solid research and careful planning. 

When Toby isn’t wooing clients with creative problem solving, listening to others solve crimes on his favorite podcasts. He has a passion for education and sits on the board of directors for the Canyons Education Foundation.  At home, he is a killer cook (not related to the crime podcasts) and a talented musician.