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8 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency


Determining how to manage your marketing online can be difficult if you don’t already have a team ready. You not only have to think of what the most cost effective way to do it, but also how to maximize your efficiency without losing valuable time. At some point you’ll have to consider what makes the most sense; is it better to hire individual marketers or is hiring a digital marketing agency a smarter chose? No two companies are the same, but here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not you should outsource your inbound marketing.

1. Cost Effectiveness

An experienced in-house hire can be quite expensive, ranging anywhere between $30k – $70k a year for one employee. When you hire a digital marketing agency, you can have a full team of experts for the same price of a single hire.

2. Marketing Expertise

Effective marketing requires knowledge on a variety of topics and an outside firm offers all of that. You can get access to expert content writers, social media professionals, SEO professionals, web designers, and much more. Hiring an in-house marketer that can do everything required is hard to find and can be risky. Because of that, the best marketing campaigns are done by a team of specialists rather than one single person. A digital marketing agency will be up-to-date on new innovations and make sure your campaigns fully leverage their capabilities.

3. Consistency

Starting an in-house marketing program from the beginning can prove to be difficult. Your employees are always working on other projects that take away from your campaigns. Digital marketing agencies work full-time on marketing and they can focus fully on your campaigns.

4. Process Driven

When you hire a digital agency, you are hiring a team that will integrate a new channel into its organization. They will know what questions to ask and what to focus on in the process development. A digital agency has refined the process needed to succeed and will make sure they cover everything from onboarding to measurement and reporting.

5. Technology and Tools

There are so many marketing tools out there nowadays to increase efficiency, productivity and performance. Unfortunately, these tools cost money and are cost-prohibitive for small and mid-sized companies. Digital marketing agencies already have these systems and know how to get the most value from them.

6. Current Strategy is Broken

It’s not uncommon for successful businesses to have a broken strategy. When referrals are down and you need help taking your business to the next level, getting a qualified set of eyes to help with strategy and execution can mean the difference between exponential increase in revenue and closing the doors.

7. New Perspective

One way to fix a broken strategy is with a new perspective. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over when you’re working from the inside. Employees may get stuck on one idea or not feel comfortable giving suggestions. With a digital agency, you will work with marketing strategists who will assess and create new ideas from the perspective of the consumer.

8. Experience

This could be the most important aspect of hiring someone for your digital marketing. Hiring someone new for your work means months of training and lost money whereas digital marketing agencies are ready to jump right in. They do this every day for multiple industries and they know where to begin and how to succeed.

If you’re ready to get your digital marketing started, you could do it yourself or you could try Firetoss Agency. You can get farther in your marketing if you hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you. It’s what we do.