The Challenge

Our love for the Salt Lake Arts Council runs deep. As Salt Lake City locals, we’re excited to work on any project that brings the vibrant Salt Lake City community together through the arts.

As the Twilight Concert Series updates each year, we needed to develop a site that could be refreshed from year to year without doing a complete overhaul.

The Twilight Concert site was designed for mobile accessibility and for quick access to information. Aside from those objectives, the site needed to be exciting and show off the style of this iconic Salt Lake City event. With the lineup being finalized, timelines were short and expectations were high both internally and externally we got to work.

Our Approach

We built the site to support video backgrounds and full sized images to capture the vibe, experience, and passion of Twilight.

In addition, understanding that the lineups of artists are constantly changing, we wanted to make sure that the website had an intuitive backend content management system that allowed stakeholders to quickly edit artists when they needed to. This means all the content, pages, pictures, and more can be edited directly in the admin area. Each artist has a page dedicated to them that’s customized with full sized pictures, biography, and even a Spotify list of their songs.

Meet the Team

Project Management
Lead Designer
Content Strategy