The Challenge

Suicide Lane Cycles is the little custom motorcycle shop with big grit. They are master fabricators, mechanics and electricians. They build a unique brand of working-class bobbers, choppers, cafes and scramblers. When you are living the American dream there are a lot of facets of business that won’t come naturally. For a couple of true bikers, the web was a new frontier. Nik Garff and Davy Bartlet, owners of Suicide Lane Cycles, wanted to created an online look and feel that represented their authenticity and the level of emotion they put into their work. Our job was to create a custom website that would showcase their art, while creating a platform technologically that would increase awareness about their shop and increase their following.

Our Approach

We began by learning Nik and Davey’s business. We wanted to get beyond the surface and understand why their machine were special and unique. We learned that there is a distinct downtown SLC culture brewing around Suicide Lane and we wanted the site to emulate the values of their tribe. One our top designers and a fan of Suicide Lane, NP, went to town on their photos and content and developed a cross-screen masterpiece that would engage users into the bike photography on their site. NP built out a unique piece of their website that features their instagram feed. Instagram is the primary communication channel between them and their users.









Meet the Team

Design + Dev
Photo + Video
Project Strategy