The Challenge

Soccer Tech is the premier resource for coaching help and player development. Here at FireToss, we live and breathe soccer. When we saw the potential and passion behind what Soccer Tech’s creator and nationally renowned soccer trainer, Rob Karas, wanted to do we were onboard 110%.

The client came to us with a comprehensive library of resources. They had the content and the skills and know how to teach kids and coaches, but needed a platform they could teach those same skills online. With hundreds of videos, practice drills, and other resources in different formats for both coaches and players there was a huge challenge to create a flexible and scalable content structure that would be interactive and easily accessed by users across all devices.

Our Approach

Coaching help and player development on the go! We built a system that allows coaches and players to have everything they need at a touch of a button.

New asset creation of logos, custom icons, videos, and graphics were all done in-house. Put together in a slick new design along with a scalable flexible backend system for continual content updates.

By designing an intuitive content structure, coaches have an easy way to access all the resources and tools they need to run their practices and players can build their skills using any device.











Meet the Team

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