The Challenge

We were given the task to create a website that portrays the best of the best in creativity in Utah. Intimidating? A little. Exciting? Absolutely. When the Arts Council came to us we knew this was going to be one of the best opportunities to show off our designers in their element.

Our Approach

Each year the Salt Lake City Arts Council has had to redesign a new site for each of their programs. In particular, the Twilight Concert Series and the Living Traditions Festival.  We’ve been able to design these pages in a way that they no longer have to invest in a completely new website each year; again, they are a non-profit. We will be able to adapt design elements so they look fresh without all the cost.










Meet the Team

Account Manager
Design, Creative Direction
Project Management

Measurement of Success

Truth be told, they killed it. Oh and we forgot to mention the Arts Council is of course a non-profit with a limited budget. And they still killed it.

Working alongside the Arts Council has been such a great partnership for us. Since launching the main website, we’ve engaged in 5 more sites including their new Public Arts Program website and annual websites for the Twilight Concert Series.