The Challenge

Rustic Chicken, a new restaurant that focuses on healthy organic options for families, came to us with their first location about to open in a couple weeks with no website up.

Rustic Chicken quickly needed a website that reflected their strong focus on organic real food and allowed their menu to be browsed easily across devices before their grand opening. Without copy or design but beautiful photography, we took up the challenge to get Rustic Chicken’s website ready in time.  A tight deadline, but we don’t shy away from a challenge.

Our Approach

We immediately got to work on identifying target personas. We envisioned a website where the menu could be easily and quickly accessed across devices supported by a strong message that reflected the health ideals behind Rustic Chicken. Utilizing the stunning photography, our designers were able to create a website that that really showed how appealing and delicious an organic restaurant can be.







Meet the Team

Project Management

Measurement of Success

Rustic Chicken was launched right in time for their grand opening. They were extremely happy with the results and we went to work immediately on their next project.
If you’re looking for a meal that you can feel good about eating while in the Holladay area – Give Rustic Chicken a visit and let ’em know FireToss sent you. (You probably won’t get anything special but you’ll get a special place in our hearts.)