The Challenge

Have you ever wished for your peanut butter to be in powdered form? Neither did we until we tried it. We suddenly realized how primitive we were trying to add clumpy sticky scoops of peanut butter into our cookie dough and shakes. PBfit mixes into well into just about everything at like 1/3 of the calories of peanut butter. Oh what’s that? You didn’t know how calorie dense regular old peanut butter is? It’s got a crazy amount of calories for a serving. It’s clear that PBfit is the better healthier Peanut Butter of the future.

However, it wasn’t clear how to purchase PBfit online. As part of the Better Body Foods website, the Client needed PBfit on its own newly built site to help drive sales for 2018.

The challenge we had was to break PBfit into its own stand alone website with a clear brand story and a better user experience from start to check out. We evaluated how PBfit was currently listed on the Better Body Foods website and with so many options and favors, we found it was overcomplicated and confusing to users.

Our Approach

Though close communication, we established the story we wanted to tell and then we went to work on building a UX strategy around a product-focused design and swatch selection system for the products. When all was said and done, we were all happy with how PBfit stands out as its own brand and how easy it is for customers to find, select, and purchase the right PBfit for them.


We love when we get to work with brands like PBFit. When we get to work with clients to develop a full digital strategy; create a brand story, web development, and marketing strategy, we truly shine as an agency.

We love producing great website design and development, but we really love showing our skill in WooComerce and being able to integrate cool current e-commerce platforms like Amazon FBA. Now, PBFit’s success is currently being overseen by our Marketing Department to increase their brand awareness and sales! We manage their Paid Advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook.









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