The Challenge

Our challenge for Parr Brown’s new website was working to create something new, user friendly, and easy to maintain – all without completely starting over. This client had a lot of existing data, and some specific functionality on their old website and we needed to find a way to retain the systems they worked with while still presenting something fresh and new.

We love working closely with our clients. Here, we not only had the opportunity to not only rebuild their custom WordPress theme, but we were able to help reshape how they present themselves to the public – all without having to start from scratch.

Our Approach

Our strategy was to use their existing database structure while tearing apart their old theme files and templating system,  then we implemented our own system. We were able to clean up old files and content that were no longer needed, optimize the user experience, streamline the maintenance process, and massively increase the performance rating of their website.


We were proud to provide a refreshing Design to Parr Brown’s website to help it stand out from other law firms and create an inviting experience for their users. We equip our carefully planned design with our strategic Develop it in a way that supports their business in the best way.







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