The Challenge

Handcrafted and handmade hardware is a rare find anymore. Only the most premium custom products are still made one at a time by artisans that use techniques passed down through generations. New Haven Hardware builds an elegant, timeless collection of sliding barn doors and barn door hardware. Their products have quickly become the industry standard for quality in high-end homes.

When New Haven prepared to release their new line of products to the world, they wanted a desktop and mobile buying experience that was as unique and detailed as their products. Our Senior Designer and Creative Director went to work detailing out the future of online buying experiences.

Our Approach

We envisioned a platform that takes a step by step approach to the buying experience. Instead of sorting through the thousands of possible custom combinations, the New Haven store allows the user to filter step by step until the perfect combination is achieved.

On top of a super slick buying experience, we threw some handy little extras such as a parallaxing homepage and a few page transitions that are designed to keep the user engaged. Take a look through the new store and tell us how you think it looks. And no, we can’t get you a discount. (maybe…)












Meet the Team

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Business Development
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