The Challenge

Beautifully designed and handcrafted in the U.S.A. Artisan Hardware gives every homeowner an affordable choice in barn door style doors.

The client came to us needing a redesign on their home page. It was text heavy and not optimized for responsiveness across desktop and mobile; conversions were taking a hit.

Our Approach

Our creative minds started by softening up the colors and rethinking the layout of the page for mobile. We did a complete recolor of the homepage, with lighter blues and whites and combined it with a smooth parallax experience. When it came to the layout, we designed it to be mobile friendly first. We built the website with content shelves that reduce text clutter and to better showcase the calls to action.


Artisan Hardware has been our client for some time and we work on design and development but we also run and manage their Marketing strategy, be it, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Ad Creation, PPC and everything under the sun.









Meet the Team

Design & Development
Marketing Strategy

Measurement of Success

Thanks to the brand new look of the website, we were able to make a new voice for Artisan Hardware. With a combination of added content, social media marketing and our ever-growing SEO strategies, we have been able to top Google searches for keywords like sliding barn door and barn door hardware.

Sales for all Artisan’s barn door hardware and sliding barn doors have also gone up thanks to our extra effort in ad creation, retargeting and social media campaigns. Our whole goal is to target the right audience, use the right platforms, and help businesses grow.