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WordPress web design is our passion.  As WordPress developers, we have launched hundreds of websites on WordPress.  We have been able to complete these projects by using custom-built themes and the vast range of features available to WordPress websites.

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Scott Hutchison

Scott Hutchison

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Toby Eborn

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Why We Love Wordpress Web Design

One of the strengths as WordPress is that it is fully customizable. After you choose the basic structure of your webpage from one of our premium WordPress themes, Firetoss’s WordPress developers will completely customize the WordPress design. The best way to think of these premium WordPress themes is that it is a base to be built upon.

Another added benefit of using such a popular platform is that there are thousands of great WordPress plugins available. These plugins add complex functionality to your site and can be great tools for displaying information, engaging users, and building your WordPress Ecommerce store. While WordPress plugins are great, some are more difficult to use than others. If you need help adding one to your site, we would be happy to help you through the process. Save yourself hours of frustration and contact Firetoss Agency today for an affordable, game changing WordPress web design.

What Can't We Do with a Wordpress Web Design?

Our experienced WordPress web design team designs, builds and codes Premium WordPress themes using HTML5 and CSS, making your website exactly how you imagine it. We capture the attention of your visitors by customizing and implementing design elements such as sliders, imagery, fonts, graphics, forms, and parallax elements. These unique effects will appeal to an audience on a whole new level.

Some complex systems with very specific business requirements just don’t work with WordPress.  When we see that a content management system is getting in the way of a desired feature set then we look at a custom build. Web applications that do very specific tasks may not need the set of features built into WordPress’ software design.

We find that roughly 80% of sites we come across will benefit greatly from WordPress or another CMS.

Are you new to Wordpress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of developers all around the world. The diversity and obtainability of WordPress web design makes it usable for amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals. When it comes to running a sleek CMS, you need a team of developers to build a custom WordPress web design for you. If you’ve already started using WordPress, but you’re struggling to get your site finished, our WordPress web design team can help you complete your dream site.