Tony Passey // CEO, Founder

David Riskin // CTO/COO

Evan Ehat // Production Director

Natalie Wilgus // Director of Marketing

Our Team

Scorch // Chief Robot

Kirk Madsen // Creative Director

Josh Green // Web Development

Carlee Houghton // Corporate Marketing

Elan Maj // Marketing Strategist

Nick Passey // Web Designer

Kolton Smith // Head SEO Strategist

Natasha Fisher // SEO Specialist

Walter Wood // Marketing Strategist & Creative

Maja Sabanovic // SEO Strategist

Jace Moysh // Digital Marketing Strategist

Jason Tang // Project Manager

Braxton Francis // AP/AR Specialist

Scott Hutchison // Digital Marketing Strategist

Hans Harris // Performance Marketing Manager

Taylor Calmelat // Content & SEO Strategist

Zack Petersen // PPC Manager

Elisa Andrews // Digital Marketing Strategist

Kyle Felter // Accounting AP / AR

Clare Emery // Social Media Marketing Strategist

Toby Eborn // Business Development/Marketing Strategist

Jaron Robbins // Director of Hosting and Support

Lucie Becz // Web Development