NW Artisan Hardware is a national online marketplace for sliding barn doors, barn door hardware and rustic looking furniture hardware. It was created by Artisans Daniel Wright and Chase Norton as a response to the increase in demand for stylish and modern sliding hardware for doors. NW Artisan Hardware provides high quality furniture with the mission to provide customer satisfaction. It also offers the option to customize products which gives customers the power to buy exactly what they want. Customers can mix and match barn doors with a range of barn door hardware which encompasses different types of mounts and handles. In order to improve the customer experience, the website also provides video and written instructions to sliding barn door installation.


Since NW Artisan Hardware is an online furniture store, our main goal was to drive traffic to the website by getting it to rank higher on search engines. In order to do that, we optimized content on the site, it’s web pages and the gallery. We also ran targeted PPC ads to speed up the traffic generation process.

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