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Spencer Merritt

Spencer Merritt

Director of WordPress Development

Spencer Merritt is the Dictator Director of WordPress Development. He is passionate about innovation in the development and loves mentoring other developers. He feels that a developer’s fatal flaw is if they are hesitant to change. Developers who don’t keep the fire alive for what they do, quickly become irrelevant. Spencer loves to solve seemingly impossible problems and claims that 18 hours of frustration is always worth the 18 seconds of gratification once the problem is solved.

A typical day for Spencer starts by trying to solve the hardest problem of all, how to get 9 hours of work done in the 3 hours he has to do it. Where do the other hours go you ask? Solving other people’s problems, meetings, and a quick hour of pool during lunch in the Firetoss billiards room. Spencer can often be found sitting next to his team, coaching them through project problems, and teaching them how to level up their skills. Thanks to Spencer, Firetoss has radically changed our WordPress process, making him a force to reckon with. 

When Spencer Merritt isn’t at work, he is still working. Learning new development frameworks, libraries, languages, or building some sort of passion project. When you drag him away from a computer, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, playing video games, going for walks, and watching documentaries. He recommends “Tickled”.

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