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Kyle Felter

Kyle Felter


Kyle Felter is the Chief Financial Officer and company MVP. It’s not just because he makes sure we get paid, have benefits, and are healthy and taken care of. It’s because he is the perfect blend of logical and compassionate, bringing a smile to your face with every interaction he has. (We also totally love getting paid.)

A typical day for Kyle involves making financial decisions for the company, which is a lot of pressure and even more work. Kyle tackles this by corresponding via email to learn more about potential decisions, executing personal research, and keeping his coffee mug full. Kyle is thoughtful of his decisions, dedicated to our financial wellbeing and accountable for his actions. Truly making him our Most Valuable Person. 

When Kyle isn’t crunching numbers he can be found playing video games, watching movies with his family, and grilling. What most people don’t get to see at work is Kyle’s creative side. 

He is a two-time former Magic: The Gathering state champion and hilarious comedian.