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Kirk Madsen

Kirk Madsen

VP, Production

Kirk Madsen. Creative Director, NHL enthusiast, and friend. He has spent years learning the best ways to tell a story visually, allowing him to sit down with a client, hear their goals and craft their story in a unique and compelling way. Even his useless Star Wars knowledge, that is consistently woven into conversation, somehow ends up making sense. 

An average day for Kirk involves planning for upcoming meetings, going to meetings and talking with team members about setting up future meetings. Did we mention meetings? When Kirk isn’t in meetings he can be found drinking Dr. Pepper and working on unique ways to tell a story, sell a product or expand a brand.

Someone that inspires Kirk is Adam Savage of Mythbusters. Mr. Savage is amazingly creative, highly crafty and has created a space for himself in the world doing whatever suits him that day. All the while being super approachable. We can confirm that Kirk also has these qualities, and the entire Firetoss team is grateful for the chance to work with a passionate visionary.