One thing I’ve learned working for Firetoss is that when you work with awesome people who are passionate about their business, it’s hard not find yourself equally as excited. I’ve also learned that when your clients sell awesome products, you can’t help but start up a knife collecting hobby; this is where I found myself with Blade HQ. Blade HQ is located in Lehi, Utah and is one of the largest online knife retailers in the country. Beyond that, they are a hard-working, tight knit team who knows the importance of standing out in the digital space.

Unlike your average eCommerce business, Blade HQ has had to get creative in the way they advertise in the online space. Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and other paid online advertising have strict rules when it comes to selling knives, that make marketing a bit more challenging in the digital space. This is where Marketing Manager Ben Petersen and his team have worked outside of the box and developed a winning strategy.

You’ll find few businesses out there that put out as amazing video and written content as BladeHQ does; see an example of one of their latest videos below. This has led to an incredible following of their products and ultimately the success of the company. Just take a look for yourself! Blade HQ and its team understand one of the key elements to great content; they write everything in a way that answers questions and truly benefits their customers!

They also really understand the importance of SEO and how critical it is to the overall success of their business. This is where Firetoss and Blade HQ have worked together to develop an advanced strategy to help continuously boost their keyword rankings and grow their organic revenue. Read how we went about creating an effective SEO marketing strategy and what were able to achieve together!

Ask any team member at Firetoss if there is a knife on Blade HQ or Grindworx that they want and you’ll hear a laundry list of Kershaws, Spyderco, or Zero Tolerance knives.


The future is bright for Blade HQ and it’s been a blast working with them and seeing their organic traffic grow! Check out their most recent website launch Grindworx for some amazing deals on everything from butterfly knifes to ninja stars.

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A couple years ago I had the privilege of meeting Nik Garff and Davy Bartlett, two custom motorcycle artisans with a passion for being authentic and building very cool bikes.   Nik and Davy are the American Dream.  They began their shop in 2012 in LA and moved shortly thereafter to Salt Lake City.   Their shop, Suicide Lane Cycles, is the perfect mix of small shop and huge capabilities.  Although, Nik and Davy do a variety of repairs on all types of bikes, their skill is best put to use on the custom projects that stump other shops.  Their knowledge of available parts coupled with their ability to fabricate make their custom projects impressive.

suicide_lane_cyclesThe Shop

Suicide Lane Cycles is located at 61 East 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.  They did a good thing by renovating an old shop space in the heart of Salt Lake City.  They’ve made the shop comfortable and approachable with a mix of new product and vintage furnishings.  They created an environment where you just want to spend the afternoon hanging out and talking with the eclectic clientele that comes by each day.   Suicide Lane build full custom choppers, bobbers, cafes and everything in between but they also do a lot of trouble shooting and fabricating to save projects gone sideways.

The Peopleblog-header

Nik and Davy share a lot of talents but they each tend to have their specialties from welding and fabricating to wiring and troubleshooting.  I’ve personally been through more than a few custom projects with them and between the two of them they can do anything.  Anything.  I might rant for a second here…  I am tired of the big boxes and the impersonal feel of most national chains.   I like to talk to the boss.  I like that at Suicide I am talking with someone that can make a decision and make a difference.  No matter how busy their shop is, they always take the time to talk with you and treat you like a human.  I stop looking so closely at prices when I am treated with respect.  Isn’t this something we should all take a second look at?

The American Dream12642675_902185683221984_4181563911754627839_n

During the past several years Silicon Valley and the over abundance of tech startups have gotten a lot of press.   Very few times do we pay homage to the bootstrappers.  The one that start a business the old fashioned way — with hard work and a lot of intensity.  When Nik and Davy moved to Salt Lake City they spent the better part of a year cleaning and rehabbing their shop space to clear the way for their new concept.  The old building had been overcrowded with auto parts, old tools and a lot of junk.  They literally got their hands dirty cleaning the shop space and making way for a dream.  There is a very different sense of pride in a business of any size that you can look back at and remember the hours of hard work spent building and establishing.  I love that in a very digital world Nik and Davy built something tangible with grit.

My Favorite Recent Bike

A few months back (2016) I saw an abandoned early 90s Honda XR 600R in the shop.  This isn’t a bike that is new enough that it’s valuable or old enough that it’s collectable.  Someone on a budget was simply trying to “get it running” so they could have a dirt bike to ride.  Nik and Davy took the surrendered bike and gave it a brand new life.



Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.16.00 PM
They stripped it down, polished and cerakoted several parts and created a sharp looking street bike.  This bike (last I saw) is sitting in the front window.  It’s worth a look.  I’m sure they’d sell it so they can start the next creation.  Keep it going Nik and Davy!