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Ruling in Favor of Results with Parr Brown



The beauty of marketing is that it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the industry, the size of a business, their goals, and previous marketing efforts, a marketing strategy for one client can look vastly different from the strategy for another. And that is exactly what we found when we began providing SEO services for Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, a leading corporate law firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Parr Brown Gee & Loveless

Parr Brown Gee & Loveless offers guidance, counsel, and litigation for its clients, typically focusing on corporate, commercial, and business legal matters. From bankruptcy to mergers, Parr Brown has proven experience in a diverse field of business law practices. 

At the beginning of our partnership, we knew Parr Brown had a sterling reputation for superior expertise and client service. They strive to form relationships with their clients, create value, and help them plan for the future. Translating the excellent reputation of Parr Brown to the digital space was our main focus. We needed to showcase why online users should choose Parr Brown over other competitors- not an easy feat with the amount of competition in the legal space.

The Work

Our work with Parr Brown entailed web design and development, as well as organic marketing services, which we continue to provide. The first step in our process to showcase Parr Brown’s expertise was a new website. 

Web Design

Parr Brown Website Header

In 2019, the design of a website can be critical to winning over potential clients. There are so many amazingly designed websites out there, that when users come across a poor design, it almost makes them distrust that brand. A business’s website is often the first impression they make on a potential client, so we had to make Parr Brown’s first impression memorable. 

That’s why we built a custom website for Parr Brown that mirrored their polished and professional demeanor. We focused on making the site clean, informative, and creating a seamless user experience

Instead of using stock imagery, we used real photographs of Parr Brown’s practicing attorneys and office building. This gives searchers a real look into Parr Brown’s business, showcasing their work and success. 

Attorneys sitting together and talking

Also, because Parr Brown has specialized attorneys and various practice law areas, we wanted to create a page where users could see these attorneys. This way, users can learn more about specific lawyers and even search for an attorney that would best fit their needs. 

The launch of the new website was the first step to giving Parr Brown a leg up on the competition. Many competing law firms have generic websites that are not visually pleasing and do not create a great user experience. Parr Brown’s beautiful site definitely stands out from other websites that are comprised of small basic fonts and low-quality images.

SEO Services

Corporations searching for law firms are often in need of different information than many other types of searches. When someone is researching potential law firms to represent them, they want authority, expertise, and proven success. 

That’s why understanding search intent was crucial in guiding our SEO strategy for Parr Brown, beginning with creating useful and informative content to support Parr Brown’s new website. 

We wanted to provide users with all of the information they might be interested in when researching attorneys. We needed to prove that Parr Brown had the experience and expertise to represent them, so we created detailed pages explaining each of Parr Brown’s practice areas. This allowed Parr Brown to offer much more comprehensive information to potential clients than many of its competitors. 

On top of providing excellent content, we worked hard to implement technical SEO aspects that would make Parr Brown’s search results more appealing within the search engine. One major undertaking of this project was implementing Schema markup. Implementing Schema markup gives search engines organized information about Parr Brown’s website, which is then potentially displayed on search engines as rich snippets. This, in turn, gives users more information right on the search engine results page. 

Rich snippet for attorney on google's results page

The Results

By focusing on website design, intent-driven content, and technical SEO, Parr Brown has seen significant increases in several KPIs, including:

  • 9.87% increase in organic users
  • 14.79% increase in organic sessions
  • 18.35% increase in organic pageviews
  • 41.01% increase in average time on page

These results are a true testament to the amazing partnership we have created with Parr Brown’s team. Using their knowledge and expertise to guide our strategy has been immensely successful and we continue to push to provide value to them every day. 

If you are looking for results like Parr Brown has seen, check out all of the services we offer at Firetoss. We offer web and marketing services that will build your brand and improve your digital presence. Contact us today to see what a great partnership we can make.