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Behind the Monitor: Display Advertising Technology


Display Advertising Technology

One of our favorite things to do as digital marketers is to share our knowledge with others to help them grow their businesses. Today, our CEO, Tony Passey, spoke at the SLCircle’s ‘Learning Lunch’ and gave a workshop on Display Advertising Technology. Many digital marketing workshops consist of the basics, like SEO, but we wanted to switch it up and have a discussion based more around the technology of display advertising.

Tony went in depth in the following topics:

  • Evolution of Display Advertising
  • Purchasing ad space from Retail, Ad Networks, Retail, and Exchanges
  • Logistics of Ad Serving
  • How retargeting works
  • Options for companies with budgets under $50k a month

Watch the full-length discussion and be sure to save the slides for later!

Thank you so much to SLCircle and Holodeck for hosting us. We’re counting down the days until the Marketing Boot Camp!

SLCircle Display Advertising Technology