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Joshua Burk

Joshua Burk

SEO Manager

Joshua oversees all English and Spanish search engine optimization at Firetoss, leading the best SEO team to improve the online health and profitability of client’s websites in order to obtain a better ROI, generate more leads, and have improved visibility online through industry-leading practices and customized plans. Part of what he does involves building out new processes and procedures to formalize internal business functions and define exactly what is needed to ignite brands online.

He is also a Spanish-speaking professional with extensive marketing and sales experience in supporting, coaching, and leading business owners to maximize their profitability. Over the years, he has coached and helped over 1,000 businesses successfully advertise and market through various channels including pay-per-click, SEO, traditional media, and ad design.


When not engaged in helping people online, he loves to volunteer and spend time with his family. He currently teaches English classes to native Spanish-speaking people in the Omaha area and facilities all aspects of their learning. He works with his beautiful wife in her career as a professional artist and caring for his four beautiful children. He is also an avid runner loving the thrill of competing in half marathons and other races whenever possible.

Among his accomplishments, some of his proudest is earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a marketing emphasis while working full-time after the three oldest children were born, completing over thirteen half marathons in various states (Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho), and holding the fastest pin record in wrestling for his high school.